ECRcentral is a community driven-initiative by early career researchers as a public service for early career researchers. There are a few simple terms and conditions that will likely change as the platform matures. We request the community to follow these conditions and to be respectful and always strive to be supportive to your peers. Together, we can make this platform useful for everyone.

Terms and conditions for the community forum
  • Anyone can freely visit the ECRcentral website to view funding, travel grants, resources and share with the community.
  • Anyone is free to read the forum posts but to post messages on the forum, user needs to register and agree to our terms and data policy.
  • While the site is intended to be oriented toward early career researchers, any ECR related topic, which includes career development, funding, publishing, science communications, preprints, open science, reproducibility and related are open for discussion.
  • ECRcentral Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to edit any and all content of the forums.
  • The views, and opinions, expressed on ECRcentral are not necessarily those of ECRcentral or its team. ECRcentral and its administrators are not held responsible for views or opinions posted in the forums.
  • Members are limited to one username on ECRcentral, creating extra usernames will result in deletion of accounts.
  • Prohihibited types of posts on ECRcentral include:
    • Links to internal (non-public) scientific information not owned by the poster.
    • Non-substantiated rumors/"bashing".
    • Any profanity or pornography (or internet links to them) are strictly prohibited on the ECRcentral forums.
    • Personal attacks directed towards other members and other websites are strictly prohibited on the forums.
  • No CROSS-POSTING of topics is allowed in the forums. Definition of Cross-Posting: posting the same thread, or a link to the original thread, in more than one forum.
  • We do not allow users to creates a lot of small, worthless posts to increase their post count.
  • All caps writing is not allowed anywhere on the forums, especially in the subject lines.
  • Trolls are not welcome on the ECRcentral website.
  • Please always try and be considerate of your fellow ECRcentral members. We strongly believe in diversity, please keep this in mind when posting.
  • No ethnic, religious belief or sexual preference abuse will be tolerated.
  • No flame war –, if a topic appears inflammatory, the moderators will take care of it.
  • User names, signatures or locations that contain URL’s to websites with services or items for sale are not allowed UNLESS the user is a REGISTERED Vendor.

Violations of the rules may result in thread deletion or user banning as appropriate.

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Terms and conditions for submission of comments

ECRcentral welcome relevant and respectful comments. We request you to be respectful and always strive to be supportive. If your comments are not relevant and respectful than ECRcentral and its moderators retain the right to delete the comments. Your comments are public and your comments are collected through Disqus, a third party comments management system.

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