These grants help women overcome these barriers by funding research projects that will culminate in scholarly publications. They are open to women scholars conducting basic research in engineering, medicine or the physical or biological sciences and who have a doctorate degree in one of those fields. The grantee must publish their research in a scholarly publication and be listed as a primary author.

Applicant and host information

Applicant citizenship: Worldwide

Host country: Worldvide

Years since PhD: NA

Award details

Award: USD 10,000– USD 35,000

Award Duration (years): NA

Research costs:


Mobility rule: No

Subjects: Life Sciences , Medicine and Health Sciences , Physical Sciences and Mathematics , Engineering , Other Life Sciences , Medical Sciences

Additional comments: Grants are open to women scholars conducting basic research in engineering, medicine, or physical or biological sciences. AAUW follows the National Science Foundation’s definition of basic research: “activity aimed at acquiring new knowledge or understanding without specific immediate commercial application or use.” The grantee must plan to publish this research in a scholarly scientific publication within six months of the end of the grant year and be listed as the sole author, senior author, first author, or an author of equivalent significance. Applicants must hold a doctorate degree in engineering, medicine, or the physical or biological sciences. Tenured professors are not eligible. The grants are for tenure track, part-time and temporary faculty, as well as new and established researchers at universities. Applicants may not apply for another AAUW national fellowship or grant in the same year.

How to apply? For further eligibility requirements and the application process, please visit: Official Funding website

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